A Brief Introduction to Zhuhai Campus, ZMC

   Zhuhai Campus, with an area of 700,000 square meters, has been established and has been in operation from 2002 . With the pleasant climate, green mountains, overlooking the sea; the campus is covered up to 80 percent by natural or artificial vegetation. Zhuhai Campus mainly undertakes the education of undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is composed of fundamental medicine teaching department, clinical teaching department (the Fifth Affiliated Hospital ), nursery department, biological engineering department, stomatology department and 35 teaching and research sections . And it also has a high standard, open style bio-engineering and the drugs manufacture key laboratory, which enables the teachers and the higher grades postgraduate students to undertake the modern medicine research of cryobiology, molecular biology, genetic engineering and molecular immunology.

   The building on the campus covers an area of 100,000 square meters. Most of the classrooms are equipped with multi-media which have a seating capacity of more than 7000 students. Library, covering an area of 4500 square meters , installs electronic reading rooms, the periodical rooms, and the digitized library which has many domestic and foreign electronic periodical database for the teachers and students. The campus has the following sports facilities such as soccer field, the swimming pool, the entire reverted ground track field, the basketball court, the feather field, the tennis court and a sand beach row of field as well as the indoor sport hall. On the campus, there are student dorms, cafeteria, supermarket, bookstore, postal service, and IP telephone booths.

   Zhuhai Campus of ZMC inherits the ¡°Zunyi Medical College Spirit¡± i.e. "hard-working, rigorously studying, the unity to strives for success, seeking truth in practice, exploring and enterprising¡±. It also puts the school idea---open style education, enclosed management-into practice. The holistic orientation of the campus is to display window function, enhance the extensive cooperation with developed areas and foreign countries; thus make the campus the cradle of first class medicine talents.







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