An Introduction to Zunyi Medical College (ZMC )

  Zunyi Medical College , located in beautiful historical city of Zunyi , was the former Dalian Medical College which was founded in 1947. The College was moved from Dalian to Zunyi and renamed Zunyi Medical College with the approval of the State Council in 1969. After 60 years development, ZMC has already grown into a comprehensive medical college with many disciplines.

  ZMC has 19 undergraduate programs and 17 postgraduate programs. 52 branches of the college are qualified to recruit postgraduate students from all over the country, including Hong Kong , Macao , Taiwan and it can also provide master's degrees for students who have the same educational level as school graduates . Also the college is authorized to award the master's degrees to postgraduate students of clinical medicine and stomatology.

  ZMC has 4 key provincial disciplines namely the Pharmacology discipline, the molecular biology discipline (immunology, biochemistry), the internal medicine discipline and the oral cavity clinical medicine discipline and two provincial key laboratories---Guizhou Province Cellular Engineering Key Laboratory and the Guizhou Province Fundamental Pharmacology Laboratory.

  ZMC mainly consists of 5 teaching sectors, 9 departments, 89 teaching research sections, 42 laboratories, 21 research sections and 2 central laboratories. Also it has an independent institute - Medicine and Technical Institute of ZMC. The library of ZMC has a collection of 820,000 volumes, which is managed by advanced microcomputer system for the convenient data searches, and exchange data with over 600 colleges and universities all over the country. The college also has 7 affiliated hospitals.

  Zunyi Medical College has a stronger rank of staff 2,000 currently, more than 550 professors and associate professors, 660 lecturers. The college also owns more than 250 teachers, who have got either doctor's degrees or master's degrees . They are the academic backbones of the college. 9 of them are among the list of the cross-century talents foster program and are regarded as the provincial outstanding experts. And 30 teachers enjoy national or provincial government special allowance. There is a well-organized teaching team which is composed of the scholars study abroad, doctors and masters and professors of young talents.

  The motto of ZMC is: cherishing virtues and studying hard; looking for the truth and being practical.







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